Water Soluble Oils and What I think of them

Lately I've been exploring oil painting. Years I did a little bit of oil painting in high school, but never really understood them or was interested in them so I didn't pursue them. Since I've been painting more with acrylics I got a little curious and wanted to give it a try. This was not something I just did on a whim. I've been thinking about this for a few years.

 I bought some water soluble oils last summer. I tried them a little back in the winter, but on paper for oils and it didn't seem to work very well. Also polymer clay, which wasn't bad, I kinda liked it. And just recently I tried working on a clear gessoed surface and again it didn't work well. So I finally got fed up and did research. Water soluble oils are somewhat different on what brushes and surface you use and work on. Apparently you should work on an acrylic gessoed surface and use synthetic brushes. Also they have special mediums and thinners. They sell brushes that work really well with them, though the ones I bought don't have any brushes for tiny detail. I just used other oil brushes I had already bought and it's working fine.

To me working with them sorta feels familiar like colored pencils. I'm sorta going by how I work with colored pencils. Acrylics I couldn't do this with, because you have to work dark to light. Oils you can work light to dark or start with a middle tone. Sometimes I do this with colored pencils. Blending is amazing. The medium is so much easier than acrylics. I do think it is a little faster than colored pencil (except for the fact that you don't have any drying time on colored pencils). Drying time on water soluble is faster than regular oils. I'm totally hooked and will be doing a lot of painting in the future.


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