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Summer Painting Sessions

This summer I plan to do a lot of painting with acrylics. This is the first of hopefully a lot of paintings I get done. I want to paint a lot of local landscape pieces. I really enjoy  painting. I'm still going to continue to do some smaller colored pieces, like ACEO's and 5"x7" to list on eBay. I find that switching mediums often keeps me really interested in art  and I don't get burnt out. Next week is vacation, but we have decided to stay home and my shops and auctions will run normally.

Water Soluble Oils and What I think of them

Lately I've been exploring oil painting. Years I did a little bit of oil painting in high school, but never really understood them or was interested in them so I didn't pursue them. Since I've been painting more with acrylics I got a little curious and wanted to give it a try. This was not something I just did on a whim. I've been thinking about this for a few years.

 I bought some water soluble oils last summer. I tried them a little back in the winter, but on paper for oils and it didn't seem to work very well. Also polymer clay, which wasn't bad, I kinda liked it. And just recently I tried working on a clear gessoed surface and again it didn't work well. So I finally got fed up and did research. Water soluble oils are somewhat different on what brushes and surface you use and work on. Apparently you should work on an acrylic gessoed surface and use synthetic brushes. Also they have special mediums and thinners. They sell brushes that work really well wi…

Ebay Art Listing

This my newest piece, "Rainbow Gothic Mermaid". It's a mini colored pencil painting. Starting bid is $10.00. I also have other art auctions running as well with starting bids at $10.00.
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