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Late Winter Updates and Prices

Shop Updates: New lower prices on original art in my website

It's been a long time since I have posted in my blog. Health wise, my stomach problems are 95% better. I usually only get a little sick once in awhile. I've been having a lot of back and hip issues. I do go to the chiropractor when I can make it, but not to often, because my car is old and needs work. My husband is a very good mechanic, but lacks the time or the weather is too bad to work on it. It will have to wait until mid or late spring. Lately, I've been standing a lot when drawing. I have found that if I stand for awhile and then sit, do that back and forth it is better on my back. I'm thinking about investing in a new chair for my drafting tables and buying a good easel for standing at to draw.

Since I've lasted posted on here, I've worked a good bit on projects. I'm going to start doing local shows again and selling local. Online sales are no longer any good. I think …