Native Mermaid

This summer seems to be flying by fast. My kids will be starting school in a little over a couple of weeks. Roy and I want to plan some time off to get some work done around the house before winter. I feel like I don't have enough hrs in the day for art. I usually start in the mornings after Roy heads to bed and I end up running out of steam by 7:00 in the evening. I was never really good at keeping a drawing schedule, but I'm becoming better at it, since my health is picking back up and I have my own studio space.

This latest drawing, I was not planning on working on it anytime soon. I had no real desire to finish it, but I was working on another drawing and I didn't like how the dark colors looked really waxy. I love Caran D'ache Luminance black and darker colors for doing night scenes, but they don't have a dark enough blue for what I was going for. So I found a really good deal on Faber-Castells and purchased the full set. I originally own the set before, but sold it. I think that was when I bought my acrylics. I don't know if I will be using them alone,  because they are not as rich as prismacolor and you can't get the whole tooth of the paper covered unless you use odorless mineral spirits. Originally, I never really liked using OMS, because I didn't care for the look or style, but now that I've learned more about mixed mediums, it's possible I could start with it as a base and build up layers on my own from there. I would have to experiment and see how it would work for myself.


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