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Native Mermaid

This summer seems to be flying by fast. My kids will be starting school in a little over a couple of weeks. Roy and I want to plan some time off to get some work done around the house before winter. I feel like I don't have enough hrs in the day for art. I usually start in the mornings after Roy heads to bed and I end up running out of steam by 7:00 in the evening. I was never really good at keeping a drawing schedule, but I'm becoming better at it, since my health is picking back up and I have my own studio space.

This latest drawing, I was not planning on working on it anytime soon. I had no real desire to finish it, but I was working on another drawing and I didn't like how the dark colors looked really waxy. I love Caran D'ache Luminance black and darker colors for doing night scenes, but they don't have a dark enough blue for what I was going for. So I found a really good deal on Faber-Castells and purchased the full set. I originally own the set before, but …