Church Of Zion

I finally completed this 11"x14" colored pencil painting. I knew that it would take a long time, because of all the layers of colors. This piece is called, Church of Zion. I have already done Princess of Zion a while back and Forest of Zion awhile back too and years ago Kingdom of Zion. I'm going to redo them all eventually, because I have progressed and evolved so much in the last few years and the they are all different sizes. I want all of them to be in a series together and the same size, with some similarities. The last three years I've been putting more detail and color into my work. My art looks more like a painting than a drawing in real life. This is the style and technique I prefer.

Because my art style has changed, that means more time is put into my work and I have to ask more for my art. I'm going to try to balance this out, because not everyone can afford a $400.00 to $3,000.00 painting/drawing. My 5"x7" are going to be priced around $100.00. These sometimes take me three to four days to complete. That's still not a living wage in this day and time, but I try to make a way for collectors to have something nice and affordable.

I have started to make polymer jewelry. A year or so ago, when I was really sick I tried to still be creative by sketching in a 5"x7" sketch book. I came up with designs for necklaces. So this week I began to experiment with polymer clay.

This summer I would like to start oil painting. A bit scary for me, because I haven't touched oils since I was a kid. I also want to continue using acrylics and doing colored pencils as well.


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