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My New Art Studio Completed

We finished the studio over a week ago. I spent the first couple of days sorting thru everything and throwing out stuff that I know I’ll no longer use. There was a lot of junk and garbage. Nothing of real value that I could pass onto other artist. Roy installed two heaters and it is really warm now on cold days. I don’t know how well they will work this winter when the temperatures are 0 or below, but we’ll find out. I have a lot of drawing stations. Two drafting tables and a craft table, that can be used as a drawing, painting, sculpting, and crafting station. Plus a island for all that including cutting paper. My little girl loves to make crafts and she loves to draw. My teenage son likes to draw some.  I’m trying to reserve Sunday’s for teaching them art. My studio also has high speed internet, so I can take my iPad and listen to music and podcast. I have a lot of projects planned to do and plan to be as busy as I can be as long as my health holds up.