New Art Studio Under Construction

So I decided to take a break from art for a very good reason. We have finally started working on my art studio, after two years of my building setting there and after about 6 years of not having my studio space. I have really missed having my own space. I've had to draw in the living room, paint at the kitchen table and at times try to draw in the bedroom thru the day while Roy tried to get rest for his nightshift job. The biggest battle has been the lighting and trying not to make noise and wake Roy up. I finally gave up on drawing in the bedroom completely. So that meant no big projects. Just smaller pieces like 8"x10"s or ACEO's.

Besides all that I'm still battling my health. I was under a lot of unnecessary stress. Stress really effects my stomach problems. I finally took enough and cut the stress out of my life. I feel so much better. This studio will be a place for me to pray, sing, paint,.... a place of refuge and peace. My husband has watched me go thru horrible pain and this is something he wanted to do for me. I will forever be grateful that I have such a loving husband. I thank God everyday for him!

The studio has progressed farther than the pictures shown. We'll hopefully be finishing up the insulation this evening. We will be putting tongue and groove pine next. Then adding a clear varnish, add the flooring, then trim and wall heaters. Then I'll be ready to move in. I hope to move by the end of October, close to my 40th birthday.


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