Spring Newsletter

It's been a long time since I last post on this blog. I've been battling with my health for months now. At times it's been very discouraging. The one major blessing out of it, is I feel like trying anything and everything new with art. I finally dived into acrylic painting. I also have been wood burning a little. I got a bunch of supplies for sculpting, which I still need to get a few more things, before I start. There's still a lot of things I want to do, like oil painting and pebeo art. I want to eventually do handmade jewelry. I just don't mean regular jewelry like you see everyone else doing. I would like to design or sculpt the pendents. Right now I'm having a lot of fun with painting blank wooden frames with mermaid, fairy, and other fantasy themes. This one to the right is in my personal collection. I'm working on two right now. A unicorn theme for my daughter and dragon theme for my son. The kids are very excited and enjoy watching me work on them. I have a stock pile of frames, I plan to paint/draw more and sell them. I'm just not sure about shipping them with glass. I might take the glass out. The glass is standard, so it would be easy to get the glass at walmart or the dollar tree from a cheap frame. I have a lot of other things I plan on doing as well not mentioned. I'm trying to work as much as I can. I am sick every day. Some days are worse than others. So some days I just can't push past the pain and fatigue of all of it. I really need to start selling work, because I have a studio to finish. 


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