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Untitled Mermaid

Well I'm finally getting back into the grove of things. This is my newest painting I just completed recently. I used over 60 colored pencil and 40 neocolors to complete it. I'm becoming more comfortable with neocolors. They do have there limits. I'm sure the more I use them the more I'll understand them. I haven't come up with a name for this painting yet. I concentrate so much on it, that I actually forgot to think of a name. It will be available for sale later on. I still need to seal it and maybe matt and frame it.

My art has change some over the years. I wanted to add more contrast and make more art that was bold in colors. I've finally accomplished it, but I've found out though it is bittersweet. It takes a lot longer to make art. I will have to charge more for originals. I get tired and loose interest halfway's through a painting. It is a lot more challenging! While working on it I loose my way and I'm not sure the painting will turn out. But…