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Update on Health and Art

Health Update:
Lately I have went down hill with my health. I've fought the good fight and I realize that the Lord is my one true friend. He has not failed or forsaken me as others have. My mind has been cleared of a lot of clutter from going thru all of this. Things that seemed so important are not.

That being said.... I got my gallbladder surgery done yesterday. I'm sore, but very thankful that God brought me thru it. Since I last updated my blog a lot more has happened. My ears began to ring really bad and I couldn't get sleep at night. I ran from Dr.s, Chiropractors, and even to my dentist. Finally I got prayer and a door opened up and I found out that I have slipped disc in my jaw. It's caused a whole lot of pain for me. My neck hurts sometimes, pinched nerves in my shoulders, jaw pain, ear pain, tooth aches, head aches, you name it, I fight it from day to day. The good thing, it can be fixed. I'm going to get some dental work done. Check into getting my last …