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Surgery and Sketching

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. I just wanted to do a little update, since I've been quiet for some time now.
Next month I'm going into surgery and having my gallbladder removed. Hopefully this will fix the problem with being sick all the time. Also I've been battling ear pain and infections along with a sore throat. I've been in and out of Dr.'s offices and ER's the last two months. Finally someone told me I have either acute or chronic sinusitis. So I'm on meds and finally doing fine now.

In between battle sicknesses, I've been sketching a good bit and studying female anatomy. I'm not going for realism, but I'm trying to memorize anatomy more accurate. I've learned a lot and how things line up at angles. I've been studying the bone structure of the female body. This has really helped a lot. Also I practices more with certain parts I want to get better at, like the nose, eyes, and mouth.

One thing to note. I'm learning all this…