ACEO's on Ebay

A lot of small changes have been going on here and there with my business. I'm trying to get organized and in a routine. I've been a little down, because I'm still struggling with my health. I upped my cabbage juice intake and it seems to be helping more.

Roy is wanting to move all my studio furniture into our bedroom and move our daughter into her bedroom. I think it's time. He plans to move everything the week of Thanksgiving. I'm not going to be able to draw in there through the day. Roy sleeps doing the day. So I will only be able to do computer updates and work on large art in the evenings. So the plan is to work on aceo's and 5"x7" in the day and personal large projects in the evening.

I have to start saving for a new studio. So I'm going to start doing and selling more smaller art. So here is the first one I will be listing on ebay. Click "Here" to go to the auction.


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