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Autumn Forest of Zion

I finished this painting up a little bit ago. It feels like I've been working on this forever. I'm really glad to be done and I sorta have mixed feelings about the piece. I've put it away and out of my view. I need to give myself a week or two away from it. Sometimes I become to close to a piece while working on it, that I can't appreciate it for what it is. I wanted to do more fall pieces, but I'm not so sure what I will be doing. Roy and Savannah has already claimed the painting, so I guess it's not for sale. I am glad they like it awful well.

Very Sick

Well I decided to shut down my auctions on ebay. I'm just way to sick to run them. I'm trying to get my P.A. to agree to let me see a specialist. If she doesn't agree, I'll just have to get a second opinion. I've been sick for over two years and it's just getting worse. The meds she put me on was just masking the problem, plus I was having a bad reaction to it. I wish so much that I could work on art, but I have to take care of myself, because my kids depend on me.

ACEO, Mermaid and Daughter #1

I was really ill yesterday. It seems like when I start to think I'm getting better, I start having bad days again. I've been doing the cabbage juice alternative treatment for about 14 days now and I'm just not getting better. It's not working well enough for me and I've come to the conclusion that I got to get to a stomach specialist.

Anyways I did manage to do this aceo yesterday. It's not my best work, but I was sick yesterday too. I feel okay so far this morning. I think I'm going to draw another big eyed girl today for ebay.

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ACEO Mermaid Series #1

Here's my auction for the day. I don't know whats going on with blogger, but it's changing the contrast on my art when uploaded. Oh well..... You can check out the auction by clicking on the link below. Starting bid is $12.99.

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ACEO's on Ebay

A lot of small changes have been going on here and there with my business. I'm trying to get organized and in a routine. I've been a little down, because I'm still struggling with my health. I upped my cabbage juice intake and it seems to be helping more.

Roy is wanting to move all my studio furniture into our bedroom and move our daughter into her bedroom. I think it's time. He plans to move everything the week of Thanksgiving. I'm not going to be able to draw in there through the day. Roy sleeps doing the day. So I will only be able to do computer updates and work on large art in the evenings. So the plan is to work on aceo's and 5"x7" in the day and personal large projects in the evening.

I have to start saving for a new studio. So I'm going to start doing and selling more smaller art. So here is the first one I will be listing on ebay. Click "Here" to go to the auction.

Prayers of the Righteous

I've been a little sick since Sunday, but I did manage to do a little sketching today. I thought I would do a little practicing on a different angle of female face. The wings needs a lot more work. I'm just playing around for now. I'm not sure how I will do the feathers. I do like the idea of them circling around her.