No sleep for me

I ended up not getting much sleep again last night. It wasn't because of our unwanted guest staying in the chimney, it was because my little girl ended up having a upset stomach (which I thought at first was a stomach virus) and I awoke to her being sick (in the bathroom). She felt much better after it all got off her stomach and I cleaned her up and put her back to bed. Needless to say I couldn't sleep after all of that and I kept checking on her to make sure she was okay. I wasn't going to send her to school, because I thought she didn't get enough sleep. but she got up on her own this morning and wanted to go to school. Since she didn't have a bug, I decided to let her go. I'm sure when she gets home this evening she will be ready to crash on the couch.

This morning I finished up these lovely three ladies.


Here's something I thought I would share. This is a really fast rough sketch I came up with yesterday. I totally had a different idea with books in my mind. I mean nothing about this pose, design, etc. is what was on my mind. Oh well, LOL :D I believe it's for a reason. I guess this will end up being a part of a series if I ever come up with the other 8 ideas for the spiritual gifts.  It should be fun. Hopefully I can keep the ideas a little more simple, than my big projects. I figure these will end up being at around 11"x14". It all depends on the detail in small areas like in the faces.


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