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Zion Woods

I've been feeling a little better. I did a lot of research and I think I have a ulcer. I think it was caused by all the stress in my life from the last two years. I'm trying something I wouldn't normally do... a natural remedy, cabbage juice. I did a lot of research and if I have a ulcer, it could cure it. Apparently, it doesn't work for everyone, but the percentage is really high in being cured, like 90%. It taste yucky, but I juice apples with it and it helps the taste. I'm on my forth day and I can tell a big difference. On my first day I felt really horrible. My second day was bad, but a little better. Then yesterday I felt pretty good, except for feeling a little sick to my stomach. Today, I feel normal so far. I't a major blessing for me.

 I decided to start a smaller project. The title is still iffy. I apologize for the horrible photo. It does look a lot different in person. I'll be posting more pics, as I progress on her. I'm going to be using …

New Portfolio Canceled, Due to Health

It seems like my health is taken a turn for the worst. The medication I was on was causing me to have a bad reaction. So I quit taking it. I don't think I am able to do a release of new body of work now. I think it would be best just to scrap the whole idea. I just don't feel well enough to be very productive. I will do what I can and just release one painting at a time. I most likely will be simplifying art.

No sleep for me

I ended up not getting much sleep again last night. It wasn't because of our unwanted guest staying in the chimney, it was because my little girl ended up having a upset stomach (which I thought at first was a stomach virus) and I awoke to her being sick (in the bathroom). She felt much better after it all got off her stomach and I cleaned her up and put her back to bed. Needless to say I couldn't sleep after all of that and I kept checking on her to make sure she was okay. I wasn't going to send her to school, because I thought she didn't get enough sleep. but she got up on her own this morning and wanted to go to school. Since she didn't have a bug, I decided to let her go. I'm sure when she gets home this evening she will be ready to crash on the couch.

This morning I finished up these lovely three ladies.


Here's something I thought I would share. This is a really fast rou…

Trying something different

I finished my sketch of "Lion of Judah" Monday. After having a good rest away from it on the weekend and coming back to it Monday, I was able to focus more and realize it was way to busy. So I decided to take out the busy background, so the focus would be on the main subjects. So it will be back to the original intended size of 18"x24".

The last couple of days, I haven't got much sleep. There is a bat or bird or some kind of critter stuck or trying to make a home in our chimney. We have a newer style chimney that's metal and it has a wire cage around the top. The animal is banging away at the metal at night and making a loud racket. I'm a very light sleeper anyhow, because I constantly check on the kids through the night. Roy said he is going to check it out this weekend. So I guess I'll have to live with it until then :p

Despite being very tired today, I managed to finished outlining "Lion of Judah". Then later on I decided to do some do…

My fantasy blog

I decided to use this blog as my main blog for fantasy again. I was mostly using a blog through my site, but I was having a lot of trouble with it, so I decided to just use my two blogspot blogs for my updates for fantasy and fine art.

Last week I finished a small 5"x7" mushroom. All this week I've been sketching a fantasy piece. I ended up enlarger my sketch more. It will be a super size of 22"x28". It's been many years since I worked this large. Years ago I use to work large, but decided to work small to get more art completed. Now I'm making a full circle. My reasons for working large now is to have more room for detail that would be to tiny to draw and I love working large, I really missed it. There are a few pitfalls for working large. It's harder to scan and the price for a original becomes really high. I will most likely price all of them over $1,000.00, because it takes forever to complete. But I will probably be offering bigger prints, li…