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My Favorite Sketchbooks


A couple of weeks ago I took a notion to do a little sketching. Sometimes I sketch and do nothing with the sketch for months or years. I have sketches I did from four or five years ago, waiting to be completed. Sometimes it's good to put them away. I usually come up with more ideas to add into the sketch. Also I improve and can go back and work on the anatomy of the fantasy woman more.

I really love to sketch in "Note Sketch" sketchbooks. It's nice, because when I'm working on a piece I can write the title, bible verse, or what  other things I am going to add on later. It's especially handy for thumbnail or rough sketches. I start all my ideas out really fast and rough. Sometimes I get so messy, it can be hard to understand what I was sketching so I make notes of what everything is in the future painting.

Getting Organized:

Lately I've been taking the time to reorganize and prioritize my business. I'm going to get more into blogging and bein…


This past week, I've been busy taking care of my sick little girl. She got a really nasty cold and neither one of us was able to get rest and I didn't have much time to work on art.

I did however do a lot of thinking about my latest valentine piece I'm working. Being away from it made me miss working on it, but also got me brainstorming and inspired.

I've decided to scrap what I started and rework the sketch. I have some neat ideas and I can't wait to get started and share my work in progress, on the sketch and master drawing.