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My Valentine (WIP)

I'm finally getting around to my first fantasy piece for 2013. I've been real busy working on and selling fine art. My fine art business is doing really well.
It is nice to finally get some time to start a personal project. I'm doing this drawing for my husband. We were best friends for 4 years before we actually started dating. We started dating on Valentines day and by summer we was married, at the age of 19. We are both 35 now and I do not regret getting married young. We have a very good relationship. My husband and I are very laid back and we have a lot of the same interest. He has always supported my art 100%. We met in high school in art class, so it's nice to be married to someone who has the same talent (even though he doesn't draw anymore).
I'm going to try something new with this painting. I'm going to mount it on a acid free surface, that sorta looks like those wooden 2" panels. It's a fairly new style for colored pencil, called "…