My New Studio Completed

We finished the studio over a week ago. I spent the first couple of days sorting thru everything and throwing out stuff that I know I’ll no longer use. There was a lot of junk and garbage. Nothing of real value that I could pass onto other artist. Roy installed two heaters and it is really warm now on cold days. I don’t know how well they will work this winter when the temperatures are 0 or below, but we’ll find out. I have a lot of drawing stations. Two drafting tables and a craft table, that can be used as a drawing, painting, sculpting, and crafting station. Plus a island for all that including cutting paper. My little girl loves to make crafts and she loves to draw. My teenage son likes to draw some.  I’m trying to reserve Sunday’s for teaching them art. My studio also has high speed internet, so I can take my iPad and listen to music and podcast. I have a lot of projects planned to do and plan to be as busy as I can be as long as my health holds up.

New Studio

So I decided to take a break from art for a very good reason. We have finally started working on my art studio, after two years of my building setting there and after about 6 years of not having my studio space. I have really missed having my own space. I've had to draw in the living room, paint at the kitchen table and at times try to draw in the bedroom thru the day while Roy tried to get rest for his nightshift job. The biggest battle has been the lighting and trying not to make noise and wake Roy up. I finally gave up on drawing in the bedroom completely. So that meant no big projects. Just smaller pieces like 8"x10"s or ACEO's.

Besides all that I'm still battling my health. I was under a lot of unnecessary stress. Stress really effects my stomach problems. I finally took enough and cut the stress out of my life. I feel so much better. This studio will be a place for me to pray, sing, paint,.... a place of refuge and peace. My husband has watched me go thru …

Glimmer, Glow, and Wink

My auction ended on eBay and I sold "Glimmer". I got a offer and these two (Glow and Wink) were sold before I got a chance to post the auctions. I do have more ideas for this series, but for now I'm switching gears. I'm not sure if I'll be doing ACEO's for the next project or 5"x7 or possibly bookmark size art. Mondays are always busy with sending out orders, getting caught up on house work, website updates, and laundry. I haven't really had a chance to think about it.

I did just a little updating on my website and added these beauties to my portfolio. So you can view the pictures at Go to the portfolio section of my site

Back to ACEO's and Studio News

It's really been raining a lot this past week and flooding here in WV. My husband has had pneumonia for the past month and has been home with me and the kids. I've been busy taking care of him and dealing with car issues. I've had two transmission put in my Subaru in the last month and now this second one is slipping and coming out as well. Thank God I got it done at the Subaru garage and I have a one year warranty. They wanted to argue and say it was the axles binding, but then a different mechanic test drove it and confirmed what we knew. So we are waiting on a third transmission. Hopefully it will be fixed this time around.

Last month me and my family started working on my art studio. We put in a sliding glass door and put in a subfloor. We are going to add bigger windows next. There is a lot to do, but finding time is the hard part. I'm really hoping it will be completed by winter, but it's hard to say when it will be, because my husband's work schedule.


New original Art on eBay

I've decided to list some art for sell on eBay. I will be listing more pieces soon.  Go to original art listing - >>>>

More Sketching

I decided I would redesign "feel the spirit". I wanted to change the background some. I kept the idea of a Native American mermaid in a canoe. I love water and trees. I grew up in a log house in the woods and we owned river front property, so I got to swim and play at the river a lot. I guess this is why I love drawing mermaids.

This is the 2011 version of "Feel the Spirit".

New Sketches

After doing updates on my website, I've decided to work on remaking some older pieces. Some of these are 5"x7" works. Because of my chronic health problems, it will make it a little more easier to work on simple pieces. Plus I won't have to think to much about color schemes, because I will most likely use the same colors as before.
I've been thinking a lot about sketching. I have read about some artist sketching everyday. Whether it's for 15 minutes or a hr. I would love to get into this habit, but I know it's not possible at this time in my life. I know it would help me to hone my drawing skills more.