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Health Update:
I haven't wrote about this in awhile, but I am doing so much better health wise. I have finally got the help I need to get my stomach problems under control. I feel almost 100% better and I have a new lease on life! It's a very long story and journey, that I will write about some other time in a whole separate post.

Art on eBay:
Along with doing large colored sketches I have decided to start doing ACEO's and auctioning them on eBay. This is the most affordable way to buy a original of mine. I like the fact that I can complete one in 4 to 6 hrs. It's a good way to experiment with mediums, colors, and techniques. ACEO auctions will all start at $10.00. I will be doing all types of fantasy themed art. This month is MerMay so I'll be doing a lot of mermaids. This ACEO is called "Seahorse Love".

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Sketching Mermaids

Last week I decided to spend time sketching. The pirate mermaid on the left was a idea I had several years back. The mermaid on the right has a meaning of how precious everyone is and life is. 
I really enjoy sketching, because it doesn't take days or weeks to do. I can get a sketch done in a day or even a few hrs, depending on what is in sketch. Pretty soon I'm going to start doing colored sketches with acrylic or watercolor backgrounds. The sketches will be done with hard lead colored pencils. I plan to limit the colors to two to three colors and they will be available for sale via my site, eBay, and Amazon. 

Church Of Zion

I finally completed this 11"x14" colored pencil painting. I knew that it would take a long time, because of all the layers of colors. This piece is called, Church of Zion. I have already done Princess of Zion a while back and Forest of Zion awhile back too and years ago Kingdom of Zion. I'm going to redo them all eventually, because I have progressed and evolved so much in the last few years and the they are all different sizes. I want all of them to be in a series together and the same size, with some similarities. The last three years I've been putting more detail and color into my work. My art looks more like a painting than a drawing in real life. This is the style and technique I prefer.

Because my art style has changed, that means more time is put into my work and I have to ask more for my art. I'm going to try to balance this out, because not everyone can afford a $400.00 to $3,000.00 painting/drawing. My 5"x7" are going to be priced around $100…

New Mermaid Art, A Precious Rose

I know it seems like I've dropped off the planet or at least neglected my blog, but I've been very busy in my studio working on large colored pencil paintings. I decided that I'm going to take little breaks and do some smaller pieces, so I'm still producing some work to show.

This is a 5"x7" original mermaid. Mediums are; Prismacolor Colored Pencils and Lightfast Series, Caran d'ache Supracolors and Neocolor II's, and a touch of acrylics.

I decided to do the scales different this time. I usually outline them with darker colors, but this time I used my icarus board to create them. I will probably do this again with more pieces. I really like the gold like affect.

This original is available on my website for $100.00. Please feel free to view her at and other original paintings and art products as well.

My New Art Studio Completed

We finished the studio over a week ago. I spent the first couple of days sorting thru everything and throwing out stuff that I know I’ll no longer use. There was a lot of junk and garbage. Nothing of real value that I could pass onto other artist. Roy installed two heaters and it is really warm now on cold days. I don’t know how well they will work this winter when the temperatures are 0 or below, but we’ll find out. I have a lot of drawing stations. Two drafting tables and a craft table, that can be used as a drawing, painting, sculpting, and crafting station. Plus a island for all that including cutting paper. My little girl loves to make crafts and she loves to draw. My teenage son likes to draw some.  I’m trying to reserve Sunday’s for teaching them art. My studio also has high speed internet, so I can take my iPad and listen to music and podcast. I have a lot of projects planned to do and plan to be as busy as I can be as long as my health holds up.

New Art Studio Under Construction

So I decided to take a break from art for a very good reason. We have finally started working on my art studio, after two years of my building setting there and after about 6 years of not having my studio space. I have really missed having my own space. I've had to draw in the living room, paint at the kitchen table and at times try to draw in the bedroom thru the day while Roy tried to get rest for his nightshift job. The biggest battle has been the lighting and trying not to make noise and wake Roy up. I finally gave up on drawing in the bedroom completely. So that meant no big projects. Just smaller pieces like 8"x10"s or ACEO's.

Besides all that I'm still battling my health. I was under a lot of unnecessary stress. Stress really effects my stomach problems. I finally took enough and cut the stress out of my life. I feel so much better. This studio will be a place for me to pray, sing, paint,.... a place of refuge and peace. My husband has watched me go thru …