Update on Health and Art

Health Update:
Lately I have went down hill with my health. I've fought the good fight and I realize that the Lord is my one true friend. He has not failed or forsaken me as others have. My mind has been cleared of a lot of clutter from going thru all of this. Things that seemed so important are not.

That being said.... I got my gallbladder surgery done yesterday. I'm sore, but very thankful that God brought me thru it. Since I last updated my blog a lot more has happened. My ears began to ring really bad and I couldn't get sleep at night. I ran from Dr.s, Chiropractors, and even to my dentist. Finally I got prayer and a door opened up and I found out that I have slipped disc in my jaw. It's caused a whole lot of pain for me. My neck hurts sometimes, pinched nerves in my shoulders, jaw pain, ear pain, tooth aches, head aches, you name it, I fight it from day to day. The good thing, it can be fixed. I'm going to get some dental work done. Check into getting my last two wisdom teeth pulled and then braces. The braces will help pull my teeth back into alignment and it will therefore cause my jaw to back into place.

Art Update:
I've still been sketching a lot lately. Above I did a really fast colored pencil piece. Probably around 4hrs to 6hrs start to finish. I did a tutorial for http://coloredpencilmag.com it's March 2014 issue. I'm off from work for the next 2 to 4 weeks, for recovery time from surgery. I have some commission projects lined up after I go back to work. I'm going back to work full-time to start saving for my new cabin art studio.


Jennifer said…
Praying for you and the family. For your health, and for comfort and peace for you all with the passing of family members. So sorry all this is happening. Rest in the Lord. He'll give you the strength.
Holly Durr said…
Thank You. Unfortunately, This is a old post and I've since found out that my jaw is in perfect alignment. My jaw pain and ear ringing is being caused by another source much more serious :( The lord is helping us thru the passing of family members. Roy's Aunt is taking the loss of Roy's Dad the hardest. We are praying for her and we are visiting her often to help her out and thru this time of grief.

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