Zion Woods

I've been feeling a little better. I did a lot of research and I think I have a ulcer. I think it was caused by all the stress in my life from the last two years. I'm trying something I wouldn't normally do... a natural remedy, cabbage juice. I did a lot of research and if I have a ulcer, it could cure it. Apparently, it doesn't work for everyone, but the percentage is really high in being cured, like 90%. It taste yucky, but I juice apples with it and it helps the taste. I'm on my forth day and I can tell a big difference. On my first day I felt really horrible. My second day was bad, but a little better. Then yesterday I felt pretty good, except for feeling a little sick to my stomach. Today, I feel normal so far. I't a major blessing for me.

 I decided to start a smaller project. The title is still iffy. I apologize for the horrible photo. It does look a lot different in person. I'll be posting more pics, as I progress on her. I'm going to be using browns, yellows, and some gold colors. This is a fall piece.


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