Trying something different

I finished my sketch of "Lion of Judah" Monday. After having a good rest away from it on the weekend and coming back to it Monday, I was able to focus more and realize it was way to busy. So I decided to take out the busy background, so the focus would be on the main subjects. So it will be back to the original intended size of 18"x24".

The last couple of days, I haven't got much sleep. There is a bat or bird or some kind of critter stuck or trying to make a home in our chimney. We have a newer style chimney that's metal and it has a wire cage around the top. The animal is banging away at the metal at night and making a loud racket. I'm a very light sleeper anyhow, because I constantly check on the kids through the night. Roy said he is going to check it out this weekend. So I guess I'll have to live with it until then :p

Despite being very tired today, I managed to finished outlining "Lion of Judah". Then later on I decided to do some doodling.
The photo I took of my drawing was some mermaids on a wallet size (aceo) drawing. I'm going to start doing these again, but for now I'm choosing to do them just for fun and for another special reason. I'm going to be doing these for keepsakes for my kids. I'm going to buy them both binders and start filling them up with these mini paintings. I'll be sharing my work on here of these. Since I won't be able to share any of my large works for awhile, these will be something fun to show :)


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