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 I decided to use this blog as my main blog for fantasy again. I was mostly using a blog through my site, but I was having a lot of trouble with it, so I decided to just use my two blogspot blogs for my updates for fantasy and fine art.

Last week I finished a small 5"x7" mushroom. All this week I've been sketching a fantasy piece. I ended up enlarger my sketch more. It will be a super size of 22"x28". It's been many years since I worked this large. Years ago I use to work large, but decided to work small to get more art completed. Now I'm making a full circle. My reasons for working large now is to have more room for detail that would be to tiny to draw and I love working large, I really missed it. There are a few pitfalls for working large. It's harder to scan and the price for a original becomes really high. I will most likely price all of them over $1,000.00, because it takes forever to complete. But I will probably be offering bigger prints, like 16"x20"s for a reasonable price. I'm sure that there will be ties when I do smaller pieces, like 5"x7" or 8"x10".

Above is a photo of my temporary work area. I took this earlier this week and already it's getting messy from me working on my sketch.


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