After the Move...Back to Work

It really feels good to be back to work after the move to our new home. My hrs will vary each day of work. I'm planning on spending as much time as I can with my kids. My daughter starts Kindergarten this summer and I'm making the best of my time with her.

 When the kids start school at the end of summer, my hrs will change and I will be at work full time. I'm using my work hrs I have now to get a new body of work finished. I'm going to be changing my style somewhat with fantasy. I'm revisiting some old techniques of outlining my work. It won't be the same, but I'm hoping it will help my art art pop more.

 To the left is "Blackberry Fairy". She will be 11"x14" when completed. I still have a good bit of detail to sketch in the background, but I'm excited to share it in the next stage of my work in progress. I've been taking pictures of wild flowers outside of around the house. I've seen all kinds of animals and birds since living here and I love it.
I'm going to be starting back into fine art as well. There is a lot of blackberry vines on our property and I'm hoping they come out nice this year. I've already took pics of the flowers. I want to draw different paintings of the blackberries.

 Anyhoo, this is all for now. I'll be posting more WIP here in a few days.


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