My Favorite Sketchbooks


A couple of weeks ago I took a notion to do a little sketching. Sometimes I sketch and do nothing with the sketch for months or years. I have sketches I did from four or five years ago, waiting to be completed. Sometimes it's good to put them away. I usually come up with more ideas to add into the sketch. Also I improve and can go back and work on the anatomy of the fantasy woman more.

I really love to sketch in "Note Sketch" sketchbooks. It's nice, because when I'm working on a piece I can write the title, bible verse, or what  other things I am going to add on later. It's especially handy for thumbnail or rough sketches. I start all my ideas out really fast and rough. Sometimes I get so messy, it can be hard to understand what I was sketching so I make notes of what everything is in the future painting.

Getting Organized:

Lately I've been taking the time to reorganize and prioritize my business. I'm going to get more into blogging and being active with my business. I finally got around to adding software to my new iMac. I bought adobe elements and downloaded some printing software. I also bought me a ipod touch, for taking pictures. I'm not a big tech geek, but having something where I can just take a quick snap and post instantly if a time saver for me. With my Nikon J1, I have to hook it up to the computer and wait for it to load all the tons of images and do all the other time consuming steps. It does get old after awhile, especially if I'm going to post it to my blogs, sites or just for social networks.

Being Healthy:

My health was not very good here the last year. I got sick every time I ate something that was prepackaged or we went out to eat. I also was having really bad back trouble. It got so bad that I decided to take action and help myself. I have changed my eating habits all together and I've become more active and I exercise. I don't eat chips or crackers. I eat fruit and veggies. I do a lot more cooking from scratch. It's getting easier to eat healthy and I've become more creative with my meals. My husband is loving some of the foods I've been cooking. My health is getting back on track and I'm feeling a lot better now :)


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