It's been a very long time since I posted anything on this blog. I've been battle my health still and when I'm not doing that I've been working on private art projects for friends of mine. I finally got done with them and now I'm working on getting ready for a spring show and I'm working on my website. I'm learning more CSS codes. I added a drop down menu to my website and I'm working on a mobile version of it. I was going to move the site back to Weebly, but Weebly's been having a lot of bugs and whenever I make changes to the code it is fine for awhile, then the website goes black. So I'm finding it's not going to be worth it. So I'm working on moving my portfolio and email back to my main website. My blog will be moved here to blogger. This will not effect, because I'm just changing where the links will be directed.

This Summer I hope to get the help I need to get my health back on track. I've bee…

Spring Newsletter

It's been a long time since I last post on this blog. I've been battling with my health for months now. At times it's been very discouraging. The one major blessing out of it, is I feel like trying anything and everything new with art. I finally dived into acrylic painting. I also have been wood burning a little. I got a bunch of supplies for sculpting, which I still need to get a few more things, before I start. There's still a lot of things I want to do, like oil painting and pebeo art. I want to eventually do handmade jewelry. I just don't mean regular jewelry like you see everyone else doing. I would like to design or sculpt the pendents. Right now I'm having a lot of fun with painting blank wooden frames with mermaid, fairy, and other fantasy themes. This one to the right is in my personal collection. I'm working on two right now. A unicorn theme for my daughter and dragon theme for my son. The kids are very excited and enjoy watching me work on them. …

Life and Art

Once again I'm battling my health and it's a lot more serious than before. For now I do not want to go into it. I'm just praying about it, waiting on the lord and praying for a healing.

A lot has happened since I last posted. My Father in-law passed. It was a shock, because it happened so fast. Then a little over a week ago, my Mother in-law's boyfriend passed away. There has been so much death in the family over the past few years. I'm ready for a break from all of it, but I know there is no choice in the matter.

I've been working on a project, off and on when I'm not battling my health. I'm only about 50% through it. It is different from my other works and I will be doing a lot of my future projects this way. I've learned a lot of new colored pencil techniques over the last couple of years. I'm really starting to add them into my works. I'm sorta leaning away from the heavy paintery style with mixed mediums, and wanting my work t…

May News Letter Updates

I've been very busy the last couple of weeks working on line art for digital stamps and coloring pages. I have decided to offer these from my website. There are so many marketplaces to sell online, but the downside is they keep changing their policies, prices and looks of the shops. I really thought long and hard about where I want to sell my work. I know it's going to be much harder to sell them from my website, because I won't have the exposure that the online markets have. However, I'm going to keep my art at two online marketplace and that's Store Envy and Zazzle. The shops are free, so there is no monthly bill for it. I most likely will not offer my digital goods at store envy, because they have partner with a company and the price is a little to steep for me right now.

Untitled Mermaid

Well I'm finally getting back into the grove of things. This is my newest painting I just completed recently. I used over 60 colored pencil and 40 neocolors to complete it. I'm becoming more comfortable with neocolors. They do have there limits. I'm sure the more I use them the more I'll understand them. I haven't come up with a name for this painting yet. I concentrate so much on it, that I actually forgot to think of a name. It will be available for sale later on. I still need to seal it and maybe matt and frame it.

My art has change some over the years. I wanted to add more contrast and make more art that was bold in colors. I've finally accomplished it, but I've found out though it is bittersweet. It takes a lot longer to make art. I will have to charge more for originals. I get tired and loose interest halfway's through a painting. It is a lot more challenging! While working on it I loose my way and I'm not sure the painting will turn out. But…

Update on Health and Art

Health Update:
Lately I have went down hill with my health. I've fought the good fight and I realize that the Lord is my one true friend. He has not failed or forsaken me as others have. My mind has been cleared of a lot of clutter from going thru all of this. Things that seemed so important are not.

That being said.... I got my gallbladder surgery done yesterday. I'm sore, but very thankful that God brought me thru it. Since I last updated my blog a lot more has happened. My ears began to ring really bad and I couldn't get sleep at night. I ran from Dr.s, Chiropractors, and even to my dentist. Finally I got prayer and a door opened up and I found out that I have slipped disc in my jaw. It's caused a whole lot of pain for me. My neck hurts sometimes, pinched nerves in my shoulders, jaw pain, ear pain, tooth aches, head aches, you name it, I fight it from day to day. The good thing, it can be fixed. I'm going to get some dental work done. Check into getting my last …

Surgery and Sketching

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. I just wanted to do a little update, since I've been quiet for some time now.
Next month I'm going into surgery and having my gallbladder removed. Hopefully this will fix the problem with being sick all the time. Also I've been battling ear pain and infections along with a sore throat. I've been in and out of Dr.'s offices and ER's the last two months. Finally someone told me I have either acute or chronic sinusitis. So I'm on meds and finally doing fine now.

In between battle sicknesses, I've been sketching a good bit and studying female anatomy. I'm not going for realism, but I'm trying to memorize anatomy more accurate. I've learned a lot and how things line up at angles. I've been studying the bone structure of the female body. This has really helped a lot. Also I practices more with certain parts I want to get better at, like the nose, eyes, and mouth.

One thing to note. I'm learning all this…