The life of a Quartine Artist

With the Corona19 going on, I'm pretty much settled into the quartine life. For the most part I'm fine with staying home and keeping to myself. This is the advantage of being an introvert and artist. The only thing that has been making me feel cooped up is the rain. today I'm lucky because it's sunny. I was out earlier going for a walk looking at the trees and flowers, plus watching the birds.

Lately I've been creating and perfecting my art doll necklaces. Right now I have five completed and I'm working on four more. I really enjoy making them.  I have a lot of ideas for future dolls.

In between making dolls I did an art challenge by Annie Stegg. It was just for fun and for a little practice.

Also I've been doing a good bit of sketching on my iPad pro. Anymore I do most of my sketching on it while setting and watching TV in my living room. Eventually I might even release them into a coloring book.

Well this is pretty much all the art related updates…

Art Doll Jewelry

A lot has been going on and I've been busy working on new things and products. Some I can't really say right now, but I will be offering more original art products you can use in your every day life.

One of the new products I'm going to offer is "Art Doll Jewelry. I have a ton of ideas. To the left is my first one, "Starry Night". This one is just a test run and I still need to work out the kinks on it.

Also I have added all the painted deer antler necklaces I painted recently for a friend's charity event to my website to help him sell them. All the one's that have a blue ribbon in the corner of the photo, is his necklaces. After taxes and shipping fees, 100% will got to him.

Even though I'm busy with work, my son is graduating this year, so my work will slow down at times for event coming up in his life. There are a lot of personally family things going on, nothing bad, but it will take up a lot of my time the next 6 to 8 months.
I'm still around, I just get busy and don't have time to update my sites. I wish it was a bit more simple to keep up with it. Lately I have been working on miniature painting necklaces. These particular ones are for a good friend for local event, but I will be working on more in the near future and will have them listed on eBay. The ones on the top photo are actually painted on deer antler slices. I will have a limit on how many I can have on hand. Once these are sold, I might not have more in the future. They are very nice in person. The bottom ones are painted on polymer clay. I'm also going to paint on wood shapes. 

Mermaid #5 New Weekly Auction

This is my new weekly ACEO Mermaid #5 up for auction on eBay starting bid, $10.00. Go to auction ->>>

Summer Painting Sessions

This summer I plan to do a lot of painting with acrylics. This is the first of hopefully a lot of paintings I get done. I want to paint a lot of local landscape pieces. I really enjoy  painting. I'm still going to continue to do some smaller colored pieces, like ACEO's and 5"x7" to list on eBay. I find that switching mediums often keeps me really interested in art  and I don't get burnt out. Next week is vacation, but we have decided to stay home and my shops and auctions will run normally.

Ebay Art Listing

This my newest piece, "Rainbow Gothic Mermaid". It's a mini colored pencil painting. Starting bid is $10.00. I also have other art auctions running as well with starting bids at $10.00.
Go to auctions ->>>

Art Auctions on Ebay

"Queen Cleopatra and Her Cat"
Up on eBay starting bid $10.00. Go to Auction ->>

"Jaguar Kitten and Fairy" starting bid $10.00 on eBay.
Go to auction ->>